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Angela J. Cornelius
“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”
Albert Einstein

Who I Am

As a visual designer and storyteller, I thrive at discovering narratives that optimize our human experience, while leveraging business goals. I enjoy shifting between mediums, and working across media channels. I am a lifelong learner, constantly tinkering with new techniques and technologies. I embrace the semantic web and prefer to use open source tools, believing that humanity benefits the most from utilizing agreed upon standards that enhance collaboration.

I am a champion of user experience design. Foremost, it is essential to engage customers by creating meaningful and relevant content for their specific devices. To better understand engagement, I study Human Computer Interaction, Natural Language, and Machine Learning. Responsive Design is important because the delivery medium influences the message of the content. To that end, I strive to engage customers where they are most likely to be found, on the device they are most comfortable using, with the content they are most likely to enjoy and understand. My golden triangle includes studying new media art, creative writing, and computer science.

As a new media artist and poet, I am interested in exploring code, data, and networks as material for creative expression. I am intrigued by the similarities and differences between painting, writing code and writing poetry. One of my projects experiments with writing code poetry. I love the challenge of extracting the story out of data and discovering the narratives. My ideal position is one that fosters collaboration across disciplines, inspires imagination, balances the abstract and logical, and embraces design thinking.

Here are a couple of graphs to depict my skill sets. My strength is in knowing a broad range of technologies, and being able to apply these tools to a variety of contexts. Creating web sites, writing code poems, or editing video – the media channel is a mere expression of my ideas, which are what drive my tool selection. Therefore, as a new media artist, I am always expanding my knowledge in order to use the best possible combination of tools to create imaginative works of art.


I'd love to hear from you! Send me an email if you are in need of a website, content creation, Facebook page, information visualization, mobile app, or creative consultation. Have a fantastic day.

Angela J. Cornelius | Pittsburgh, PA
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